Over the years, completed several successful projects

Gulf recliners seats have been installed in Home Theaters, Cinemas, Hospitals, and in homes. These seats are not only comfortable but also add a touch of class to any place.

With our wide selection of recliners and loungers, as well as sliders, we have done a lot of cinema installation work. Our seats are comfortable and provide a good viewing angle for the customers to ensure that they will want to experience it again and again. The majority of our clients are companies such as INOX PVR, etc.


It has been our pleasure to work on a wide range of home theater projects that have both satisfied the comfort needs of the clients as well as enhanced the interior decor of the theatre room for a more sophisticated look. As we are experts in customization, we made sure to utilize every square inch in a better way.


In the hospital waiting period is one of the most stressful experiences for any visitor. In order to fulfil this objective, we have done our best to ensure that, with the projects we are developing for our hospitals, both patients as well as their relatives are as comfortable as possible, resulting in a more pleasant waiting experience during the treatment process.


Because we have been successful in the cinema, home theater, and hospital segments, we have gained a lot of popularity for home installation as well. Our customers and their guests are very satisfied and comfortable with our recliner sofas, regardless of the type of recliner sofas, which have been installed within their homes.