Gulf Recliners is proud of its team.

Comfortable seating is made possible by our team of hardworking and dedicated individuals. A great work environment is built by bringing great minds together.

We at Gulf Recliners believe that the growth of our employees determines the growth of our company. It is our goal to cultivate a work culture that encourages creativity with uninterrupted independence. Our team members are encouraged to challenge convention and think differently so that positive change can be driven in the world. All enthusiastic individuals with amazing ideas are welcome to join us on this global movement.

Come, Rise with us !!

In order to improve the quality of the workforce at Gulf Recliners, we are always on the lookout for dedicated, hardworking candidates. Creativity is our passion! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to work in an environment that offers limitless growth opportunities and equally limitless fun. Gulf Recliners is the place for you.